Graduate Students

HST teaching assistants' offices are located in 585 Shepherd Laboratories. 

Graduate Students

Amramina Anna Amramina

History of Science and Technology
History of geosciences and environmental studies in the 20th century, intellectual interactions and transfer of scientific knowledge over the Iron Curtain
Borrego Adam Borrego

History of Science and Technology
Intellectual history of natural philosophy and medicine in the premodern Western world; alchemy; science and religion; science and esotericism
Cable Kele Cable

History of Science and Technology
The control and experimentalization of biology during the 20th century, specifically, evolution, genetics, and microbiology
Carlie Cervantes de Blois Carlie Cervantes de Blois

History of Science and Technology
Southeast Asian studies - Indonesia and Vietnam; sustainable agricultural systems and technologies
Eguiarte Souza Felipe Eguiarte Souza

History of Science and Technology
Theory and history of evolution, including cooperation, mutualism, the “struggle for existence”; philosophical-political relationships of humans with nature
Flood Margaret (Macey) Flood

History of Medicine
Medicinal botanicals, medical circulations, irregular practitioners, colonial medicine in the 19th- and 20th-century United States
Foster Shawn Foster

History of Science and Technology, Neurology
Differences of thought processes behind the Western and Traditional Chinese medicines
Gidzak Bonnie Gidzak

History of Science and Technology
History of the ways science intersects with society through institutions such as education, museums and news media, in late-19th and 20th century North America
Patrick Profile Pic Patrick Graham
History of Science and Technology
Electronic data processing and computing; census work, public health and hygiene; calculation and civic epistemology; technology, capital and the state.
Greff Alexander Greff

History of Science and Technology
History of scientific cultures and "Public Science," Intellectual Histories of Early Modern and Enlightenment Europe, popular representations of scientific practice in the Early Modern period, Scientific Utopianism