Regular Faculty

Jennifer K. Alexander portrait Jennifer K. Alexander

Associate Professor
HSTM Director of Graduate Studies
Mechanical Engineering
+1 612 626 7309
Modern industrial/technological culture; science, technology, and religion; history of engineering; technology and the body; historiography; modern Europe, modern US
Boantza Victor D. Boantza

Associate Professor
HST Director of Undergraduate Studies
Physics and Astronomy
+1 612 624 8073
Early modern physical sciences, Enlightenment science, the scientific and chemical revolutions
Borrello Mark E. Borrello

Associate Professor
Director of HST Program
Ecology, Evolution and Behavior
+1 612 624 7079, +1 612 625 3838
History of Biology, evolutionary theory, genetics and ecology, biology of behavior; biology and society
francesca bortoletti portrait Francesca Bortoletti

Assistant Professor

History of Medicine
Early modern theater and medicine, medical humanities
Anna Graber Anna Graber

Assistant Professor

Earth Sciences
+1 612 624 8698
History of earth science and natural history; Enlightenment science; history of mining and metallurgy; science and empire; modern and early modern Russia
Gunn Jennifer Gunn

Associate Professor
Director of Institute for Advanced Study
History of Medicine
+1 612 624 1909
19th and 20th century US History of Medicine and Public Health, Rural History or Rural Studies, History of Social Sciences
portrait of Michel Janssen smiling Michel Janssen


Physics and Astronomy
+1 612 624 5880
History of modern physics
Susan Jones_navy blazer and purple blouse in front of greenery Susan D. Jones

Distinguished McKnight University Professor

Ecology, Evolution and Behavior
+1 612 624 9636
History of biomedical sciences, history of life sciences, historical ecology of disease, role of science in mediating human-animal interactions over time
kohlstedt Sally Gregory Kohlstedt


Earth Sciences
+1 612 624 9368
Natural sciences in the United States; institutional and cultural contexts (museums) for science practice; women and gender in science
Schackelford Jole R. Shackelford

Assistant Professor
HMed Director of Undergrad Studies
History of Medicine
+1 612 624 4499
Early Modern European Science and Medicine, History of Paracelsianism, History of Biological Rhythm Studies
portrait of Honghong Tinn Honghong Tinn

Assistant Professor

Electrical and Computer Engineering
+1 612 6250242
History of Information Technology, History of Computing, and History of Science and Technology in East Asia
Tobbell Dominique Tobbell

Associate Professor
Director of HMed Program
History of Medicine
+1 612 626 5114
History of 20thcentury U.S. medicine, nursing, pharmaceuticals, health care policy, business history, oral history

Affiliated Faculty

Buchanan Nicholas Buchanan

Assistant Professor
Science and Technology Studies Program
University College of the University of Freiburg, Germany
Environmental history; history of technology; science, technology, and the law (law and society)
Craddock posing for a portrait. Susan Craddock

Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies
+1 612 624 6006
AIDS, disease, health, Tuberculosis , Public-private networks for neglected disease vaccine and drug production
Fletcher Samuel Fletcher

Assistant Professor

Department of Philosophy
+1 612 625 4325
Philosophy and history of science and applied mathematics, foundations of physics and of statistics, conceptual and physical basis of computation
Gardner Headshot Robert Gardner

Assistant Professor
Visiting Faculty 2016-2019
History of Science and Technology
Environmental history; history of technology; history of forestry, ecological restoration, and ecological engineering; US history
Gaudio Michael Gaudio

Associate Professor

Art History
+1 612 624 0847
Early Modern Europe and Atlantic World, print history, landscape, Protestant aesthetics, art and sensory perception, historiography
Love Alan C. Love

Director of Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science
+1 612 625 4510
Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Science, History of Biology, Epistemology
Lauren Luepke Headshot Laura Luepke

Visiting Assistant Professor

Program in the History of Medicine
+1 612 624 6343
19th and 20th Century U.S. Medicine, medical professionalization, empire and medicine, gender and sexuality, social reform
TylerMay Elaine Tyler May

Regents Professor

American Studies
+1 612 626 7847
20th century United States history, women and family, women's social history, The Cold War era gender, sexuality, politics
Mizuno Hiromi Mizuno

Associate Professor

+1 612 626 7597
Modern Japan, intellectual and cultural history, cultural studies of science and technology, nationalism and colonialism, human rights and international laws, gender and sexuality
Shank JB Shank

Associate Professor

+1 612 624 7323
Enlightenment science and Newtonianism, European intellectual history, especially 17th and 18th centuries, Renaissance science and culture, Old Regime France and the French Revolution, the history of Silicon Valley
Uffink Jos Uffink


+1 612 625 5316
Philosophy of physics, Philosophy of Science, History of Physics
Yost Jeffrey Yost

Director of the Charles Babbage Institute

+1 612 626 0823
The business, cultural, and intellectual history of information technology; and oral history

Emeritus Faculty

Eyler sitting at a table in a library. John M. Eyler

History of Medicine

+1 253 851 7311
Social history, intellectual history, public health, disease theory, social medicine, epidemiology
Misa Thomas Misa


Electrical and Computer Engineering
+1 612 624 5050
Technology and modern culture, history of electronics and computing, historical methodologies
Norberg Arthur L. Norberg

History of Science and Technology
+1 651 470 1218
Relations among science, technology, and industry; the federal government's role in stimulating scientific and technological development; history of information processing; and the contexts for American technological development in the nineteenth and twen
Seidel Robert W. Seidel

History of Science and Technology
+1 612 722 7591
History of physical sciences and related technologies -- 19th & 20th centuries
Shapiro Alan E. Shapiro

History of Science and Technology
+1 612 624 5770
History of physical science, Isaac Newton, history of optics, Scientific Revolution
Stuewer Roger H. Stuewer

History of Science and Technology
+1 612 624 5770
History of quantum mechanics, history of nuclear physics