Dr. Jeff Yost, Associate Director of the Charles Babbage Institute: Center for the History of Information Technology (CBI), has published a new book from MIT Press entitled "Making IT Work: A History of the Computer Services Industry".


The computer services industry has worldwide annual revenues of nearly a trillion dollars and employs millions of workers, but is often overshadowed by the hardware and software products industries. In this book, Jeffrey Yost shows how computer services, from consulting, outsourced data processing, programming, and systems integration to data analytics and cloud computing, have played a crucial role in shaping information technology -- in making IT work. The study is based on extensive archival, oral history, and trade publication research, and provides a business, social (gender, labor, professionalization), and policy/legal history of this industry that has been so critical to the evolution of the information age.

"Hardware is glitzy, software clever, but as Jeffrey Yost shows, it is the computer services industry that makes it all work for us. Telling the story of an industry, its firms, their cultures, and people in making modern IT, this book has long been needed, and Yost delivers." (Kenneth Lipartito, Professor of History, Florida International University; coauthor of A History of the Kennedy Space Center)

"Jeffrey Yost provides an indispensable road map for anyone interested in the rise and evolution of the vast computer services industry. His authoritative study shines bright light on a vital but underappreciated element of the Information Age." (Steven W. Usselman, Professor of History, Georgia Institute of Technology; coeditor of The Challenge of Remaining Innovative: Insights from Twentieth-Century American Business)