The Charles Babbage Institute, a research center at the University of Minnesota affiliated with the Program in History of Science, Technology, and Medicine, received an interdisciplinary doctoral fellow for the next academic year. Sociology Department PhD candidate, Devika Narayan, received an IDF for her project on artificial intelligence and the changing Indian IT labor force. See her project title and abstract below. Devika Narayan is working with CBI Director and HSTM research faculty, Jeff Yost, on her dissertation project. Congratulations to Devika and to the Charles Babbage Institute! 
Title: Between the Cloud and a Hard Place: Technological Change, Job Loss and the Restructuring of an Off-Shore Economy

Abstract: Since the 1990s, large workforces in India have come to remotely manage the internal information-technology (IT) systems of North American and European companies. However, this sector has seen recent and accelerating mass layoffs, which are intimately tied up with the changing structure of computer systems at large. How does an industry and its vast workforce cope with and respond to disruptive technological developments? Through a residency at the Charles Babbage Institute (CBI), this project seeks to bring together economic sociology and the history of computing to theorize a distinct era of workplace transformation.