HSTM Previous Colloquia

Lectures are held on Fridays at 3:35 p.m. in 275 Nicholson Hall on the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota (refreshments served at 3:15 pm).

"Method and Morals in William Harvey's Philosophical Anatomy"
Peter Distelzweig, Department of Philosophy - University of St. Thomas
"Ecological Theory and the Niche"
James Justus, Department of Philosophy - Florida State University
"Steganography and the Art of Secret Writing: New Perspectives on Michael Maier’s Alchemical Emblem Book, Atalanta fugiens (1618)"
Donna Bilak, Department of History - Columbia University
"How to Create a Physicist"
Michael Reidy, Department of History, Philosophy and Religious Studies - Montana State University
"Origins of a Legitimation Crisis: Medical Science, Private Profit, and the Challenge of Big Pharma"
Joseph Gabriel, School of Pharmacy - University of Wisconsin-Madison
"How to be a Patient: Patienthood and Medical Thinking in the Medieval Islamicate World"
Ahmed Ragab, - Harvard Divinity School
"The Revolution in Computational Causal Discovery"
Richard Scheines, Department of Philosophy - Cargenie Mellon University
Leibniz calculating machine, replica.
"Leibniz and Technology: What Automata, Mills, and Calculators Teach us about Cognition."
Christopher Noble, Ph.D., Department of Philosophy - Villanova University
Harold Cook, Ph.D., Department of History, Brown University. "A Different Descartes: The New Galen." 3:35pm, in 275 Nicholson Hall.
"A Different Descartes: The New Galen."
Harold Cook, Department of History - Brown University
Descartes and Newton on Deducing True Laws of Nature
Mary Domski, Department of Philosophy - University of New Mexico