HSTM Previous Colloquia

Lectures are held on Fridays at 3:35 p.m. in 275 Nicholson Hall on the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota (refreshments served at 3:15 pm).

Lamarck's drawing of evolution of giraffe
"How the Mouse Lost its Tail, Or, Lamarck's Dangerous Idea"
Jessica Riskin, History and Philosophy of Science - Stanford University
“The Precision Medicine Turn in Psychiatry: Some Epistemic Puzzles and an Ethical Concern”
Kathryn Tabb, Department of Philosophy - Columbia University
Workflow chart behind image of b&w photo of man (Jeremy Greene)
"Innovation on the Reservation: Information Technology and Health Systems Research Among the Papago Tribe of Arizona, 1965-1980"
Jeremy Greene, Department of the History of Medicine - Johns Hopkins University
Drawings of a human body, human heart, microscope, and medicine bottles
"Medical Materialities: Teaching, Feeding, and Healing the Body through Medical Humanities" - A Conversation with Barbara Troise Rioda and David Gentilcore
Author Meets Readers: David M. Miller's "Representing Space in the Scientific Revolution"
David M. Miller, Department of Philosophy - Iowa State University
Photo of man (Lee Vinsel) in front of an image from an old comedy film of two men caught in spokes of wheel
"Making Maintainers: A Place for History in an Age of Innovation-Speak and Endless Tech Hype"
Lee Vinsel, Science and Technology Studies - Stevens Institute of Technology
Map of China behind a photo of a long scroll with images of sea shells, plants, and rocks on it
"Edible Networks: Precious Pills as Technologies of Medical Governance in Qing China"
Stacey Van Vleet, Department of History - University of California - Berkeley
Black and white photo of Albert Einstein sitting at a desk
"Albert Einstein: Political Consistency in Volatile Times"
Robert Schulmann, Independent scholar and former Director - The Einstein Papers Project
Photo of a metal mechanical arm and hand
"Exploring the Material World of Mechanical Hands in Early Modern Europe"
Heidi Hausse, Department of History - Princeton University
"Thought Experiments in Economics"
Margaret Schabas, Department of Philosophy - University of British Columbia