HSTM Previous Colloquia

Lectures are held on Fridays at 3:35 p.m. in 275 Nicholson Hall on the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota (refreshments served at 3:15 pm).

"Absolute Space, Relative Motion, and the Method of Newtonian Physics"
Rob DiSalle, Department of Philosophy - Western University
Cover of Darin Hayton book "The Crown and the Cosmos"
"Astrology from University Lecture to Print Culture"
Darin Hayton, Department of History - Haverford College
"An Epistemology of Scientific Investigation"
C. Kenneth Waters, Department of Philosophy - University of Calgary
Sketches of chemistry tools such as beakers and burners
"Fluidity, Elasticity, and Activity: Conceptualizing Air from Boyle to the Early Newtonians"
Victor Boantza, History of Science and Technology - University of Minnesota
"Structural Bias and the Commercialization of Medicine"
Rebecca Kukla, Department of Philosophy - Georgetown University
Group of five men unloading a large computer off the back of a truck
"Cold War Curvature: Measuring and Modeling Gravity in Postwar American Physics"
David Kaiser, Program in Science, Technology and Society - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Photo from 1950s of high school women sitting at desks in a classroom with engineering equipment on their desks
"Inviting Girls Into the Lab: the Rise of Diversity Advocacy in STEM, 1950-Present"
Amy Bix, Department of History - Iowa State University
"When Children are Better Learners than Adults: Theory Formation, Causal Models, and the Evolution of Learning"
Alison Gopnik, Department of Psychology - University of California at Berkeley
Bottle of Laudanum and a field of poppies
“'He Will be a Better Citizen as a Legitimate Addict': The Forgotten History of Harm Reduction in America’s First Opioid Epidemic"
David Herzberg, Department of History - University at Buffalo
Human hand reaching to touch a hand made of wires (Davinci). Human hand entitled "Religion" and wire hand entitled "Technology"
"Technology, Religion, and Postwar Debates about the Order of Creation: How the History of Science and Religion Led to Error in Analyzing Technology and Religion"
Jennifer Alexander, History of Science and Technology - University of Minnesota