HSTM Previous Colloquia

Lectures are held on Fridays at 3:35 p.m. in 275 Nicholson Hall on the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota (refreshments served at 3:15 pm).

Deirdre Cooper Owens
"Exploring Hapticity, Slavery and the Emergence of American Gynecology"
Deirdre Cooper Owens, Department of History - Queens College, CUNY
"The Neurophilosophy of Memory: Reconciling Stable Engrams and Neural Dynamics"
Sarah Robins , Department of Philosophy - University of Kansas
Evan Ragland
"The Medical Origins of Experimental Science? Professors, Students, and the Cultivation of Experiment at Universities in Padua and Leiden"
Evan Ragland, Department of History - University of Notre Dame
Zangwill Image
"Four Facts Everyone Ought to Know About Science"
Andrew Zangwill, School of Physics - Georgia Institute of Technology
"How to Acquire Number Concepts: A New Puzzle (With Stewart Shapiro and Eric Snyder)"
Richard Samuels, Department of Philosophy - The Ohio State University
Vera Rubin, Talk Title, and Universe Image
"Margaret Burbidge, and the Annie Jump Cannon Award or How I Met Vera Rubin -- a Personal and Scientific Recollection"
Roberta Humphreys, Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics - University of Minnesota
Alchemist in workshop with pet lion
"Wilhelm Homberg’s Laboratories and Instruments: Doing Chymistry in Early Modern France"
Lawrence Principe, Department of History of Science & Technology - Johns Hopkins University
“Compositional Minimalism”
Stuart Glennan, Department of Philosophy - Butler University
Baby holding a trophy for a Best Baby Competition
"‘A Coldly Scientific Venture’: Unwed Mothers and the Eugenic Baby Panic"
Susan Rensing, Department of Women's & Gender Studies - University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh
Court-Ordered Cesarean Sections in 1980s America, with hands resting on pregnant woman's belly
"Court-Ordered Cesarean Sections in 1980s America"
Rebecca Kluchin, Department of History - California State University, Sacramento