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Lectures are held on Fridays at 3:35 p.m. in 275 Nicholson Hall on the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota (refreshments served at 3:15 pm).

Persecuted dog, 1894, New York Public Library; NYC, c. 1890
"The Telling of the Case: Rabies, Physicians, and Medical Community in Nineteenth-Century New York City."
Jessica Wang, Ph.D., Department of History - University of British Columbia
"Epistemic Genres or Styles of Thinking? Tools for the Cultural Histories of Knowledge"
Gianna Pomata, Institute of the History of Medicine - Johns Hopkins University
"Chronicle of an Epidemic Foretold: The Fall and Rise of Tuberculosis in Post-War New York City"
James Colgrove, Mailman School of Public Health - Columbia University
"Don't Panic! The 'Excited and Terrified Public Mind' from Yellow Fever to Bioterrorism"
Amy Fairchild, Mailman School of Public Health - Columbia University
"Engineering 'Manpower' Crisis and the 1960 California Master Plan for Higher Education"
Atsushi Akera, Department of Science and Technology Studies - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
"A Bird in Hand: Craft, Data, and Hope in Wildlife Biology"
Kristoffer Whitney, Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies - University of Wisconsin - Madison
"Space-Time, Death-Resurrection, and the Russian Revolution: Alexander Friedman and the Origins of Big Bang Cosmology"
Alexei Kojevnikov, Department of History - University of British Columbia
"How Did Practice Lead to Theory in Emil Fischer's Work?"
Catherine Jackson, History and Philosophy of Science - University of Notre Dame
"The Vision of Cecil Rhodes: Technology, Space, and Power in Africa"
William Storey, Department of History - Millsaps College
"Evolutionary Theory in Economics and Management"
J. Peter Murmann, Australian School of Business, University of New South Wales, and - Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania