"Exploring Hapticity, Slavery and the Emergence of American Gynecology"
"Epigenetics is 76 years old, so why are you just now hearing about it?"
"The Homelands of the Plague: Soviet Disease Ecology in Central Asia, 1920s–1950s"
"Mechanical Quackery: Electrical Cures for Deafness in the United States, 1880-1930"
"Margaret Cavendish’s Medical Recipes: Medicine, Experience, and Natural Philosophy in Early Modern England"
"Henry Wemyss Feilden, naturalist on HMS Alert: Science and the British Arctic Expedition 1875-76"
"El Principio Sacarino: Organic Chemistry Meets Racial Capitalism in the Cuban Sugar-Mill"
"The intersection of Social Values and Methods in Attributing Climate Change to Extreme Events: A Controversy"
"From the Old to the New World of Nuclear Physics, 1919–1939"