HSTM Colloquium for Spring 2019 are held in Nicholson 155 at 3:35pm. Refreshments served at 3:15pm.

"Einstein in Bohemia: Science and Prague before and after the Habsburgs"
"Five-Hundred Years of Plague in Ottoman History: Re-thinking the Second Pandemic"
"Theaters of Machines: Breakage, Social Order, and the Lost Histories of the Technological Self"
"The Politics of Popular Physiology in Germany in the 1840s and 50s"
Author Meets Reader: "Varieties of Continua: From Regions to Points and Back." Authors: Geoffrey Hellman and Stewart Shapiro. Readers: Øystein Linnebo and Gabriel Uzquiano
Being "One of the Boys": Manliness and Experimental Zoology in Boston
"Republic of Venus: Shopping for Venereal Cures in Early Modern London"
Idealization and Many Aims
"Pests, Parasites, Partners & Poisons: The Metaphors and Molecules that Frame Interspecies Interactions"