About HSTM

The History of Science, Technology, and Medicine is a dynamic, interdisciplinary field that studies these areas in their broad cultural context. The field's rapid growth stems from the increasing recognition that science, technology, and medicine are themselves among the most important cultural phenomena of the modern age. For over twenty-five years, the graduate programs in History of Medicine and the History of Science and Technology at the University of Minnesota have consistently ranked among the country's best. In 2007 these two programs merged into a new Program in the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine.

The Program
The Program in the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine integrates faculty and students from several departments and programs at the University of Minnesota. Each faculty member has a joint appointment in a department in the College of Science and Engineering, the Medical School, or the College of Biological Sciences, and many have graduate appointments in other departments as well, ensuring close association with other related fields. We have particularly strong ties with the Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science, the Department of History, and the science and engineering departments where the faculty hold tenure. These university and departmental connections are a major source of intellectual stimulation and support for both faculty and graduate students. We also sponsor a weekly colloquium and periodic symposia, bringing scholars from all over the world to the university. The program encourages a diversity of methodological approaches.