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HMED 8001
Health and Healing in History 1

History of medicine in Europe from Greco-Egyptian antiquity. Beginning with the earliest professionalization of healing, we will follow development in the disease, the elaboration of medical theory, the rise of university medicine and the professionalization of the M.D.
HMED 8002
History of Medicine from 1700 to 1900

Second semester of the introductory survey of the social and intellectual history of medicine intended for graduate students and advanced undergraduates.
HMED 8112
Historiography of Science, Technology, and Medicine

Introduction to the historiography of science, technology and medicine. It examines models of practice, different schools, and the work of representative historians of science, technology and medicine.
HMED 8113
Research Methods in Science, Technology, and Medicine

Introduction to sources, methods, and problems of research in history of science, technology, and medicine. Preparation of major research paper under faculty supervision. prereq: instr consent
HMED 8220
Disease and the Culture and Politics of Health

HMED 8220
Finding the Mind: Medicine and the Human Sciences, 19th and 20th Centuries

HMED 8830
Beyond the Atom: Forms, Fibres, and Faculties in Pre-Modern and Early-Modern Western Intellectual Culture