Course Info Description
HSCI 8910
Seminar: History of Modern Physical Sciences - "Arches and scaffolds: theory change, evo-devo, and cultural evolution"

Arches and scaffolds: theory change, evo-devo, and cultural evolution.
HSCI 8920
Seminar: History of Biological Sciences - "History of Climate Change"

History of Climate Change. For advanced graduate students; topics in development of natural, biological, and medical sciences from Aristotle to the present.
HSCI 8950
Seminar: Science and Technology in Cultural Settings

For advanced graduate students; topics in development of science and technology in or across specific geographic regions or particular cultures.
HMED 5002
Public Health Issues in Historical Perspective

Introduction to the evolution of major recurring problems and issues in public health including environment and health, food customs and nutrition, control of alcohol and drugs, venereal diseases and public policy, human resources regulation, and relationship of science to promotion of health.
HMED 5035
The Germ Theory and Modern Medicine

Analysis of the formulation of the germ theory of disease and of its consequences for medical procedures (therapeutics, surgery, management of hospitals), public health programs, and the structure and prestige of the medical profession.
HMED 5045
Modern Medical Profession

Historical analysis of American medical profession in 19th/20th centuries. Role of institutions, influence of social/moral values. Consequences of specialization, scientific innovation.
HMED 5055
Women, Health, and History

Women's historical roles as healers, patients, research subjects, health activists. Biological determinism, reproduction, mental health, nursing, women physicians, public health reformers, alternative practitioners. Gender disparities in diagnosis, treatment, research, careers. Assignments allow students to explore individual interests. prereq: Grad student with previous coursework in history or instructor consent.
HMED 5075
Technology and Medicine in Modern America

How technology came to medicine's center-stage. Impact on medical practice, institutions, consumers, production of medical knowledge, professionalization, health policy, gender/race disparities in health care. prereq: instructor consent
HMED 7500
Historical Research for Medical Students

Introduction to research methods. Directed research on historical topic of student's choice. Arranged period of study. prereq: [3rd or 4th yr health professional student], instructor consent
HMED 8001
Health and Healing in History 1

History of medicine in Europe from Greco-Egyptian antiquity. Beginning with the earliest professionalization of healing, we will follow development in the disease, the elaboration of medical theory, the rise of university medicine and the professionalization of the M.D.