Course Info Description
HSCI 5411
Art and Science in Early Modern Europe

Interaction of art and science from the Renaissance to the 19th century. Development of linear perspective, color theory and artistic practice, and scientific illustration and representation.
HSCI 5421
Engineering Ethics

Engineering ethics in historical context, including the rise of professional engineering societies; ethical problems in engineering research and engineers' public responsibility; ethical implications of advanced engineering systems such as the production of nuclear weapons; development of codes of ethics in engineering.
HSCI 8112
Historiography of Science, Technology and Medicine

Introduction to the historiography of science, technology and medicine. It examines models of practice, different schools, and the work of representative historians of science, technology and medicine.
HSCI 8113
Research Methods in Science, Technology, and Medicine
Sally Gregory Kohlstedt
3:35-5:30 TH
Sheplabs 592
Introduction to sources, methods, and problems of research in history of science, technology, and medicine. Preparation of major research paper under faculty supervision.
HSCI 8124
Foundations for Research in Ancient Science

Development of natural/mathematical science in ancient Near East and Classical Greece.
HSCI 8125
Foundations for Research in Scientific Revolution
Victor Boantza
3:35-5:30 T
ShepLabs 576
Development of sciences/natural philosophy, 1500-1725. prereq: Grad HSci major or minor or instr consent
HSCI 8125
Foundations for Research in Scientific Revolution

Development of sciences/natural philosophy, 1500-1725.
HSCI 8131
Seminar: Industrial Revolutions

Development of industrial society from 1700 through 1850. Emphasizes developments in the mechanical and engineering sciences, and considers scientific, economic, political and social dimensions of industrialization.
HSCI 8421
Social and Cultural Studies of Science

Review of recent work; theoretical and methodological differences among practitioners; selected responses from historians and philosophers of science.
HSCI 8441
Women in Science: Historical Perspectives

Key literature dealing with patterns of participation in science and medicine since the 18th century. The ways in which modern science is perceived to be gendered, particularly in its practice and in ways that seem to influence theory and applications.