Mary Thomas
Sect 001 (6:00-8:45pm M) Sect 002 (6:00pm-8:45 W)
Sect 001: Bruininks 412; Sect 002: Bruininks 312
LE Requirements: 
Historical Perspectives; Technology and Society
This course explores the many technological systems that have come to span our globe, alongside the widespread persistence of traditional technologies. We start with the earliest glimmerings of modernity and industrialization, and move on in time to the building of global technological networks. How have people changed their worlds through technologies like steam engines and electronics? Is it a paradox that many traditional agricultural and household technologies have persisted? How have technologies of war remade the global landscape? We ask how business and government have affected technological entrepreneurs, from railroads to technologies of global finance. We end by considering the tension between technologies that threaten our global environment and technologies that offer us hopes of a new world.