History of Science and Technology Department
History of environmental technology; environmental history; international transfer of envirotech

I was trained as an environmental engineer before graduate in Tsinghua University and worked as a secretary of Key Laboratory for Solid Waste Management and Environmental Safety of the Education Ministry of China for three years. The real environmental engineering enlightened me that environmental governances were always social and not just technological. History and other social contexts are crucial in different society with varied natural environment. I returned to Tsinghua University studying History of Science and Technology and then was fortunately accepted as a joint PhD. student in HSTM. This gives me a chance to make comparative study of envirotech history between USA and China.


Guo Qinshuo, Yang Jian. Technology innovation and its impact on sustainable development: A case study of China. Asia-Pacific Tech Monitor, 2017, Vol.34, No.2, pp. 31-36