Susan Jones
9:45-11:00 TTH
Tate 108
LE Requirements: 
Environment; Historical Perspectives
How have people explained where life came from and how it has developed over time? We examine controversies over life's origins, the Holocene extinction, human population growth, the Dust Bowl and soil conservation, DDT and falcon repatriation, and disease and responses to pandemics. Evolution, natural theology. Ecosystems. This course explores how humans have developed theories and observations over the past 400 years about life on earth. Applying a historical perspective to issues in today's world, we will explore scientific ideas and debates across national boundaries. Specific topics include: origins of life on earth; evolution and natural theology; ecosystems; agricultural and industrial environmental degradation and species regeneration; the Guns, Germs and Steel hypothesis; and disease threats such as avian influenza. Class Time: 60% Lecture, 40% Discussion. Work Load: 40 pages reading per week, 16 pages writing per term, short essays, midterm and final exams. Grade: 20% mid exam, 20% final exam, 40% reports/papers, 20% class participation. Exam Format: Identifications; short answer; essay