Carnegie Mellon University
Department of History
Ph.D. 2004 - Program in History of Science and Technology

Dissertation: "The Introduction, Contestation, and Regulation of Forensic DNA Analysis in the American Legal System, 1984-1994"

Selected Awards

  • National Institutes of Health, 2011-2013, R01 HG005702-01, “The Ethics of Post-Conflict and Post-Disaster DNA Identification” (PI, with co-PI Sarah Wagner and co-PI Alex John London, $1,201,086)
  • National Science Foundation, 2009-2010, SES0922638, “Scientific Conference on Casualty Recording and Estimation” (co-PI, with PI Baruch Fischhoff, $69,068)
  • National Institutes of Health, 2008-2010, R03 HG004655-01, “DNA Identification in the Aftermath of Genocide and Mass Violence” (PI, $154,500)
  • Kauffman Initiative, 2007, at Carnegie Mellon University to modify 15-502 “Technology and Global Development” for inclusion in the new minor on Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Development (with Rahul Tongia) ($10,000)
  • Carnegie Mellon University, 2005-2008, “Globalizing Our Education” Faculty Grant Program for “Technology for Global Development” (with Bernardine Dias, Joe Mertz, and Rahul Tongia) $15,000 for three years ($45,000 total, split four ways)
  • National Endowment for the Humanities, Stipend for Participation in Summer Institute on “Human Rights in Conflict: Interdisciplinary Perspectives,” June 26-July 28, 2006, City University of New York—Graduate Center

Selected Publications

  • Lisa S. Parker, Alex John London and Jay D. Aronson, “Incidental findings in the use of DNA to identify human remains: An ethical assessment,” Forensic Science International: Genetics, 2013, 7: 221-229.
  • “The Politics of Civilian Casualty Counts,” in Taylor B. Seybolt, Jay D. Aronson, and Baruch Fischhoff, Counting Civilian Casualties: An Introduction to Recording and Estimating Nonmilitary Deaths in Conflict (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2013).
  • Alex John London, Lisa S. Parker and Jay D. Aronson, “DNA Identification After Conflict or Disaster,” Science, 2013, 341: 1178-1179.
  • “Humanitarian DNA Identification in Post-Apartheid South Africa,” in Keith Wailoo, et al. (eds), Genetics and the Unsettled Past (Rutgers University Press, 2012), pp. 295-312.
  • “The Strengths and Limitations of South Africa’s Search for Apartheid-Era Missing Persons,” International Journal for Transnational Justice, 2011, 5(2): 262-281.
  • Genetic Witness: Science, Law, and Controversy in the Making of DNA Profiling (New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2007.