History of Science and Technology
Early modern physical sciences, the scientific revolution, history of mathematics, history of music theory and acoustics

I'm in my sixth year at the University of Minnesota. I received a B.A. in history and mathematics from Hamilton College (NY) in 2013 and am interested in the development of mathematical sciences in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. I am writing a dissertation on the early modern "musica scientia" and the subsequent development of the science of acoustics. I approach the science of music as a branch of mathematical physics and a paradigmatic example of "sensible mathematics" that bridged the epistemic chasm between rational and perceptual realms in premodern science. I've also done research on premodern geometry, calculus, and mechanics and am currently fascinated by a little geometrical curve called the "cycloid" and its ramifications for seventeenth century mathematics. In whatever free time I have left, I also like to play jazz guitar.