History of Science and Technology
The development of computing during the Cold War, focusing on the role and contributions of Los Alamos National Laboratory and the American weapons lab system in the birth and evolution of high-performance scientific computing

I have loved history and technology for as long as I can remember. In second grade, my first ever school project was on the invention of the automotive assembly line. I soon became obsessed with computers and digital technology, starting my own computer repair business to put myself through school. Dr. LaRae Larkin’s Russian history courses rekindled an interest in the Cold War, especially as it related to technology. My master’s thesis was a comparison of the development of computer technology on both sides of the Cold War, and the role of that technology in the collapse of the Soviet Union.

I earned my undergraduate degrees in history and anthropology at Weber State University, and my MA in history at the University of Utah. When I’m not obsessing over old technologies, I’m obsessing over new technologies, Star Trek, and Minnesota’s own Mystery Science Theater 3000.