History of Science and Technology
The control and experimentalization of biology during the 20th century, specifically, evolution, genetics, and microbiology

I am very excited to start the Ph.D. program in history of science at the University of Minnesota this fall! Coming from the Morris campus, attending UMN will be quite the change for me - a much larger school, much larger student body, and two(!) campuses. I will lament the tranquility of Morris, but I look forward to the course diversity, events, and connections that the Twin Cities has to offer. (Growing up in St. Paul will make the transition much easier, of course.) I look forward to meeting everyone from HSTM in the coming weeks.

My research interests revolve around the theory of evolution and how it has developed and been interpreted throughout the 20th century (and present day). Of more specific interest to me are the history of non-adaptive evolution and the history of the perceived problems with the Modern Synthesis (with claims of its failure proclaimed on a near-constant basis). However, I do enjoy learning about almost any aspect of history of science and I am excited to explore the rest of the history of biology, as well as the history of physics, chemistry, etc. as well.