History of Science and Technology
History of geosciences and environmental studies in the 20th century, intellectual interactions and transfer of scientific knowledge over the Iron Curtain

I am joining the HSTM Program this year as a graduate student, full of great expectations, best laid plans and hidden fears. For the last couple of years I have been working on a project in history of seismology in my home city, Moscow (Russia), at the Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth. I have been investigating international scientific initiatives in advocacy for arms control and openness in mutual verification of nuclear testing towards end of the Cold War. Thanks to baptism by fire when presenting my findings at the ICHSTM-2013 in Manchester (having had that as my first talk ever at a history of science conference inoculated me against monsters under the bed for the rest of my life), I look forward to an HSTM environment to be able to participate in discussions and be advised and critiqued. I also hope to pursue my interests in history of geosciences and environmental science in the 20th century and plan to broaden the horizons of my research to be able to look at international cooperation in various fields. Wherever my new research interests might take me, for now I am truly excited over the prospect of systematizing my knowledge, studying, seeing old friends and colleagues and meeting new ones.