"Technology, Religion, and Postwar Debates about the Order of Creation: How the History of Science and Religion Led to Error in Analyzing Technology and Religion"
Friday, September 8, 2017 - 3:35pm
275 Nicholson Hall
Refreshments served at 3:15pm
Jennifer Alexander
History of Science and Technology
University of Minnesota

Technology and religion in history can no longer fruitfully be analyzed within current parameters, which have been set by debates about science and religion. This talk uses debates about technology, theology, and the order of creation at the postwar forming of the World Council of Churches to illustrate that questions about science and religion were marginal, and that they yielded conservative political perspectives on the rebuilding of war-torn Europe. The talk comments on Peter Harrison's Gifford Lectures of 2011, recently published as The Territories of Science and Religion (Chicago, 2015), and on Harrison's respondents, who have suggested using the World Council of Churches and its emphasis on technology and practical projects as a way to rebuild the notion of a dialogue between science and religion.