Being "One of the Boys": Manliness and Experimental Zoology in Boston
Friday, April 12, 2019 - 3:35pm
Nicholson 155
Jenna Tonn
Boston College

Beginning in the 1880s, experimental zoology laboratories in the United States started to develop distinct communal scientific and social cultures. Graduate students in zoology arrived in Boston prepared to actively participate in turn-of-the-century rituals of male sociability in and outside of the lab. They lived together in nearby boarding houses and spent weekends trekking and talking about science. In their private correspondence, men articulated their deeply beliefs about how race, class, religion, geography, sexuality, and disability marked who counted as a "true friend" in life and a man of science in the lab. This talk examines how everyday intimacies between men played a profound role in the culture of experimental zoology during this period.